Birthing With Passion Classes

Carol's gentle, calm manner allows participants to quickly relax and enjoy her sessions. Humour is scattered throughout the evening but her passion for an empowered birth can always be felt as a solid, underlying base. Carol teaches evidence-based information but also balances the discussion with traditional approaches for those that want to look beyond mainstream modern medicine.  Her sessions sit well alongside traditional childbirth classes and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carol’s birth classes to expectant couples.

Andrea Tait Childbirth Educator – New Plymouth


“I really enjoyed the class and learned so much. Very informative and would love to go to another! I’m looking forward to birth because you gave so much great info and props and exercises to use during labour." 

Anna Singh

“It was good to look at the birthing process from a nonmedical perspective.”

Gareth Smith

“Birth is a complicated process, but some of the things are simple to make it easier! Awesome.”

Dan Burrell

“Loved meeting other mums in the area and all the positivity around birth.”

Jadie de Smit

“I learned that my body was capable of so much more than I gave it credit for and is equipped with everything I need for birth.”


“As a first-timer I had no idea what to expect or the best way to approach the situation. After the class I now know the best strategies to help with the birth."
Daniel McKelery

“After experiencing a traumatic birth with my second child, I was full of anxiety about giving birth to my third baby. Carol from Freedom Births was amazing at calming my fears and helping install excitement back in me. Her 'Birthing with Passion' class was highly informative, from learning about the roles hormones play in our body through role play to fantastic tips and tricks that help make the birthing process more enjoyable. Carol has a beautiful, calming manner and is extremely knowledgeable in all she does. I thoroughly recommend Carol's services to all pregnant women and their birthing partners.” 

Dianna Smith

Birth Doula Service

“This is just to thank you for all your support and guidance throughout our journey. I could not have asked for a more incredible birth story. Thank you for being our doula. You are an angel to us and we are so thankful to have you in our lives.”

Brittany Ryan

“Dearest Carol, Thank you for being a part of Maddisyn’s birth, it was so lovely to have you there.”


"Carol was a great support throughout my pregnancy and birth.  Just a phone call away, she was always there when I needed her. Her knowledge and experience of birth makes Carol an asset to any birthing mother.
Just having her present at my home birth made me feel safe and at ease.
Thank you so much Carol xx "
Sha Engelbrecht


"The situation surrounding my pregnancy was a bit different to most. I was caring for my mum who was terminally ill, my dad had passed away several years ago and my husband worked offshore. Being that this was my first baby I had no idea what to expect and felt seeking additional support was the right decision for me.

Two days before I was due to be induced we were told that mum only had a matter of days left. When I checked into the hospital I wasn't sure if I would see her again. My induction took two days.

My birth took six hours with just gas and no stitches. A few hours after my birth I was wheeled over to hospice so mum could meet her grandson. We were fortunate enough to have the best part of two weeks with her which we would not have got had I not recovered from my birth so quickly.

Carol played a large part in this and I will always be grateful for her care.
Personally, I believe the doula service should be made publicly available.
The right support can make all the difference.
Steph Phillips