Birthing With Passion Classes

Birthing with Passion Class is a relaxed and informative session using movement, breathing, vocalization, visualization and other practical techniques which enable you to have the personal birth experience you seek.

Attend this with your support partner or individually. Online classes now available on request.

Online Doula Service

As your doula, I give emotional and practical support to you and your partner from the final stages of pregnancy, throughout labour and during the first days of your baby's life.

We get to know each other by making time to talk so you can share your thoughts, hopes, dreams and anxieties about your upcoming birth.

Two weeks before your due date I am on call just for you! I am available to support you digitally right through from early labour to delivery, regardless if that requires a transfer to hospital or home birth.

I offer practical advice to help facilitate smoother and more effective labour, and am happy to provide reassurance and encouragement to partners on what THEY can do to help you!

Once your baby has arrived, I can offer breast feeding help, practical tips on caring for a newborn and also provide an opportunity to talk about your birthing experience.

For more information "What I offer in Prenatal appointments."


“Thank you for all your support and guidance throughout our journey. I could not have asked for a more incredible birth story. You are an angel to us and we are so thankful to have you in our lives.” Brittany Ryan

“Dearest Carol, Thank you for being a part of Maddisyn’s birth, it was so lovely to have you be a part of it.” Tamara

Contact me to learn more about what can I do to help you have a pregnancy and birthing experience you will treasure.