What we discuss in prenatal consults

What I offer you:  

Free Introductory Meeting - How did you hear about Freedom Births?
Answer any questions you may have. - My Fees and when due.
Payment plans.


First Prenatal Meeting overview.

Second Prenatal Meeting overview.


First Prenatal Meeting Around 30 – 33 weeks gestation

o Get to know each other

Talk about pregnancy and any previous births Fears/Concerns You May Have.
How do you cope with stress, pain?

o Natural Rhythm/Stages of Labour,
Comfort measures and how your partner can help.
TENS. Spinning Babies.

o Doula Roles and Limitations

Setting expectations: What do you hope to gain from having a doula at your labour/birth?

What is it that you are looking for in a doula (there to support your partner so they can support you? there to support you so that your partner can enjoy the experience?
Is there a guardian of your birth plan?

Who will be present to help you decide when it's time to go in?
When do you see yourself needing me present?


o Logistical and business concerns

(Discussion of fees, payment plan, sign contract, release forms, etc Any Questions?


Second Prenatal Meeting Around 36 – 38 weeks gestation

o Birth Plan: Vision for your birth, Non-negotiable parts, negotiable, parts willing to give up if any? Pros and cons of interventions. Password – if needed.

o Natural Rhythm/Stages of Labour,
Comfort measures and how a partner can help.
TENS. Spinning Babies.

o Practice Birthing Positions:
Including Role Playing and Scenarios Postpartum Goal

o What to take with you.

o Home support.
Breastfeeding support. DVDs

o Orientation of your home.