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Many people are worried about birth and postpartum. This is why I created Birthing with Passion which is an inspiring antenatal programme. So everyone can feel well supported on their journey and enjoy a positive birth and peaceful postpartum.

My goal is to help educate women on their body, their options, and to empower women to find their voice.

I want them to feel safe to trust their gut and their instincts. And to know that it’s okay to want more than just a healthy mum and baby — that wanting an awesome birth experience is a great goal too!


Birthing With Passion Classes - a holistic birth skills workshop


1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th baby? Need a refresher class?
Many people want a natural birth but don’t know how to prepare their mind and body for one. There is so much you can do.

Birthing with Passion is a holistic approach to antenatal class. It is personalised and aims to help remove anxiety and uncertainty around birth. Enabling you to feel inspired and supported – to birth with passion!

Together we cover-

  • The role of helpful hormones, Oxytocin & Endorphins, during labour.
  • Being relaxed, at peace and with reduced stress using your 5 senses and movement for pain relief.
  • Feeling safe.
  • How to prepare your Glamour Bag for labour; how to fill it with your own personal supports for labour and birth.
  • Positive affirmations, Relaxations and Breathing techniques.
  • Active birthing positions.
  • Simple daily strategies to help enable baby to engage in a favourable position.
  • Using a rebozo (Mexican shawl).
  • How partners can support you during labour.
  • How to set up your birth space
  • How you can incorporate what brings you joy, freedom and creativity into your labour and birth.

Birthing with Passion is relaxed and informative using movement,
breathing, vocalization, visualization and other practical techniques which enable you to have the personal birth experience you seek.

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Comfort Measures

You will find your own rhythm and what works for you. take time to explore your own preferences – enjoy doing so!


Water – shower in early labour (sit and direct flow onto back/front), bath in active stage. Hot water bottle, warm damp towel on perineum, cold cloth for face and neck, frozen peas on back..microwaved warm rice sock, massage areas of tension firm or soft as needed . Shoulder/neck massage, crisscross massage over small of back, fingers – wherever there is tension.TENS, a fan. Double hip squeeze. Counter pressure on back with fist or use a ball for back ache. Reach down and touch baby’s head!


Early labour try pasta, potato, pizza, jam/marmite sandwich, avocado, chocolate, diluted juice, regular sips of water, ice to suck, yoghurt…. it is OK to eat during labour.


Smell – Aromatherapy – lavender on a cotton ball or makeup pad, citrus (1/2 a lemon is good for nausea), peppermint in bath can help cool you down…breath mints for partner.. Old tshirt/ pillow., fresh flowers….


Pictures, photos, dim lights, candles (battery in hospital), partners eyes, your imagination, flowers, baby clothes…. Sound – favourite music, nature sounds – birds.water, waves. Moan, sing, words of encouragement, repeat a sound or words over and over, affirmations. Silence is OK too!


-Movement – use gravity and baby’s head to put pressure on your cervix (helps dilation and effacement and can shorten your labour). Sit on toilet, Swiss ball – lean, sway or sit on it. Birthing stool. All fours. Lean over the bed or bath. Squat. Side-lying – great if a fast birth, need a rest or have an epidural. Use a rebozo. Stomping and counting in shower. Focus.

Breathe & Relax

In thru’ your nose to restore (smell the roses) and slowly out thru’ your mouth to relax (blow out the candles)… Keep your mouth/lips relaxed as you breathe out. Practice during the day when you’re stressed or have tension.

Informed Consent/Decision Making

To discuss your pregnancy, labour and birth options with your care provider just remember


B enefits:

How will this help my labour?
How will this help my baby?

R isks:

How will this affect my labour?
How will this affect my baby?
How will this affect me?

A lternatives:

What are my other options?

I ntuition:

What does my gut say?

N eed time:

I need time to think the decision through
I need a private moment to talk with my family
I would like to wait for now/can we have another hour?

S upport:

What support do I have?
Do I need extra/different support?



“I really enjoyed the class and learned so much. Very informative and would love to go to another! I’m looking forward to birth because you gave so much great info and props and exercises to use during labour.”

- Anna Singh


Carol was great to work with. She inserts a sense of comfort and understanding that I feel comes from good education and outstanding experience. The practicality of the tips and how to apply them were so helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone on this journey...especially men!!

- Brendon Lawrence

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