Post-Partum Care

Feeling engulfed by washing…emotions…baby’s…siblings needs? Looking for someone who understands motherhood? Who doesn’t have all the answers but has been there before?

Someone with a listening ear offering an oasis of peace and calm…a tranquility you desire. Bringing the comfort and support you so desire but seems just out of reach. You don’t have to keep pretending that all is well when reality is quite different.

Women don’t want someone to come in and take over after they’ve had their baby – they need a friend to come alongside, who’s happy to walk in and take them and their house as they are.

No set agenda other than seeing what needs doing. On a practical level, helping with meals, folding washing, listening, giving space, helping build a network of support so women can have the confidence, energy and joy in this – their most precious time.

Why have Post-Partum Care?

When a mother is born it can feel more consuming than childbirth. The fourth trimester is the 3 months after giving birth.

In this time you go through one of the biggest transitions of your life that can be testing physically and emotionally. For most it is in some
ways a surprise at how intense it is. You are growing into a whole newrole and the most important role, a mother.

The first six weeks after your baby is born is a sacred window of time to heal physically and emotionally from nine months of being pregnant and then the birth of your baby. Ysha Oakes coined the term, 40 days or 40 years. This sacred window is an opportunity to heal emotionally and physically for the next 40 years.

I am here to guide and support that transition. I am a fellow mother and postpartum doula . I am part of the renaissance where a mother is cared for and nourished after giving
birth. There is a window after a baby is born where a mother can heal emotionally and physically. I am here to support and facilitate this with nourishing food , breastfeeding support, building your village, practical home help, foucusing on your peace, joy and more….

Post Partum Menu

A Nurtured Mother Nurtures Her Family

My services can be fine tuned to your specific needs, but can include any of the following:

Breastfeeding and Baby Support

  • Supporting you in gaining confidence with breastfeeding/bathing baby
  • Understanding your baby’s feed needs and feeding cues
  • Teaching you how to swaddle your baby
  • Supporting the Dad with his transition

Postpartum Planning Sessions

  • Practical ways of finding your joy and keeping it in your parenting journey.
  • Helping you find your village for support, those who will be there for you
  • Finding your voice and learning how to put and keep boundaries in place.
  • Time to share your heart, your concerns to a nonjudgemental ear. A friend who is not going to tell you what to do but holds space just for you.
  • Birth debrief.
  • Breathing space to discover what works for you when you feel overwhelmed by information overload.

Light Household Tasks

  • Folding
  • Washing
  • Tidying
  • Cleaning

Meals & Meal Prep

  • Either I make in your home or I do the meal prep ‘cos you know just the way your family likes their lasagne etc

Minding Siblings and Helping Older Siblings Adjust

Errands/Shopping/School, Daycare Drop Offs, Pick Ups


All packages can be used with flexibility with a 3 hour minimum for each visit.

3 Hours – Getting Settled – $150

This package enables me to come into your home for 3 hours and help you settle in after birth. As mothers transition home from the hospital, it is important to ensure that they receive both the emotional and physical support needed for such a tremendous transition.

1 Week – Adjusting to Your New Life – $280

This package enables me to come into your home for 2 x 3 hour visits.

2 Weeks – Keep Mum Resting – $540

This package consists of 4×3 hour visits supporting you over two weeks.

3 Weeks – Nuturing the Family – $720

This package consists of 6×3 hour visits supporting you over three weeks.

4 Week – Extended New Mother Care – $900

This package consists of 8×3 hour visits over four weeks.

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Carol provided great support after I had my second child, Rosie. She would come in and help with Rosie when I was busy with Garth or vice versa, help with housework and would leave us with a meal cooked for dinner. More importantly Carol makes a great cup of tea and is a fantastic person to talk with and have a laugh with. She is understanding, non judgemental and very caring. Every time after Carol had been to visit I felt so much more in control and better within myself. Carol was flexible, punctual and also made herself available to help when I needed it with little notice.

My only regret is that I never knew about Carols services when I had my first born. I would 100% recommend her to anyone about to have a baby, be it their 1st, 2nd, 3rd or more.   

Thank you so much for all your help Carol, I’ll be sure to let you know if I need your help again!

- Tracey Dickson


Carol Burroughs has helped my wife, Lynnell, and I with the care of our twin boys since they were new born. 5 Months in total.

Carol came one afternoon a week for 3 and a half hours. She did a designated household task, talked to the babies, put them to bed, fed them along with Lynnell and bathed them.

Carol is very personable, always punctual, reliable and trustworthy. The twins loved her and Lynnell got on well with her. I would recommend her for the care of babies.

- Stephen Styger

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