Personal Doula

Supporting you right through from early labour to delivery and after...

As your doula, I give emotional and practical support to you and your partner from the final stages of pregnancy, throughout labour and during the first days of your baby's life.

We get to know each other by making time to talk so you can share your thoughts, hopes, dreams and anxieties about your upcoming birth.

Two weeks before your due date I am on call just for you!
I am available to support you right through from early labour to delivery, regardless if that requires a transfer to hospital or home birth.

I offer practical advice to help facilitate smoother and more effective labour, and am happy to provide reassurance and encouragement to partners on what THEY can do to help you!


I am also there to fill birthing pools, make refreshments, facilitate phone calls and do any other small task that may help at the time.

Once your baby has arrived, I come and visit to give breastfeeding help, practical tips on caring for a newborn and also provide an opportunity to talk about your birthing experience.

For more information "What I offer in Prenatal appointments."

My passion as a doula

You will feel supported, empowered, and accomplished because together we’ve practised breathing, rebozo techniques, relaxing, movement, and voice together.


You experience total commitment from me; an experience where you are honoured, and respected in a time of vulnerability. Where our relationship is honoured & valued due to time spent together beforehand, building trust and connection.

Your partner also feels empowered, part of the birth, and supported, able to help and enter your birth space if he wants to.

In the privacy of your own home, we cover:

  • Role of hormones

  • Practical comfort measures using your 5 senses,

  • How to prepare your Glamour Bag for labour

  • Simple daily strategies to help baby get and stay in a good position,

  • Breathing techniques, Birth positions, and

  • How you can incorporate what brings you joy, pleasure, freedom and creativity into Your labour and birth.

I'm looking for individuals who want to go beyond finding out just the facts of labour but are willing to put their time, effort & passion into preparing for their birth.

Is this you? Would love to hear from you.

Contact me to learn more about what can I do to help you have a pregnancy and birthing experience you will treasure.
Each doula service is individualised to your needs.


The situation surrounding my pregnancy was a bit different from most. I was caring for my mum who was terminally ill, my dad had passed away several years ago and my husband worked offshore.

Being that this was my first baby I had no idea what to expect and felt seeking additional support was the right decision for me. Two days before I was due to be induced we were told that mum only had a matter of days left. When I checked into the hospital I wasn't sure if I would see her again. My induction took two days. My birth took six hours with just gas and no stitches. A few hours after my birth I was wheeled over to hospice so mum could meet her grandson. We were fortunate enough to have the best part of two weeks with her which we would not have got had I not recovered from my birth so quickly. Carol played a large part in this and I will always be grateful for her care. Personally I believe the doula service should be made publicly available.

The right support can make all the difference.~Stephen and Steph


It was a total honour to be present at your birth😘 ~Carol Burrough. Your Doula

Carol was a great support throughout my pregnancy and birth.  Just a phone call away, she was always there when I needed her. Her knowledge and experience of birth make Carol an asset to any birthing mother. 
Just having her present at my home birth made me feel safe and at ease.
Thank you so much Carol xx
~Sha Engelbrecht