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Welcome to my inspiring and supportive blog musings. Keep up to date as I share practical and creative suggestions to inspire your labour and do motherhood your way.

Birthing with Passion leads to Living with Passion!

Active Birth Talk

Active Birth Taranaki is a group of people whose aim is to share their passion, excitement and knowledge to support mums-and-dads-to-be during their journey through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. They believe natural childbirth is the right of every birthing woman, […]

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How Doulas Contribute Positively to Mothers Mental Health

PADA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa) has a vision to eliminate the stigma around Perinatal mental health in New Zealand.  They are a national charity that provides advocacy and awareness through training and facilitating connections and tools for health care providers […]

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Feeling Safe When Vulnerable

As a child I would sometimes seek refuge either under my bed or round the back of the house where no one went. I was alone, I felt safe and I just needed time to myself. As an adult I […]

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