Feeling Safe When Vulnerable

Written By: Carol Burroughs

As a child I would sometimes seek refuge either under my bed or round the back of the house where no one went. I was alone, I felt safe and I just needed time to myself.

As an adult I realize I still have a need to feel safe. And I have some favourite spots both inside and outside where I can put aside my worries and focus on that safe feeling.

Being in labour brings its own anxieties of the birth – who’s there; how will I cope; what do people think?

By practicing feeling safe before your birth you are creating neural pathways that will naturally serve you just when you need them.

When was the last time you felt really safe? Even if it was a long time ago you can still recall the thoughts, memories and emotions that will support you now.

An anxious heart produces the fight, flight, fright adrenalin effect which works against our oxytocin hormone which is necessary to keep labour and birth flowing.

  • Begin by finding your safe space – be creative!
  • Set timer for 5 mins.
  • Close your eyes, sometimes I use ear plugs/music to help me focus.
  • Begin breathing slowly and bring to mind times of safety. Big/small no matter how long ago.
  • Welcome and enjoy these feelings.
  • As you get stronger, try feeling safe in a less safe place. A place where you feel rather more vulnerable. A supermarket car park comes to mind..

Practising for just 5 mins 3x a day can be enough for it to become a habit strong enough for you to effortlessly move into during labour or when feeling anxious. Labour is a time for instinctual behaviour; not a time to look up on whatever page the routine is found. The work is done while you are pregnant. And you reap the benefits immensely just when you need them. You are not denying reality but creating a cushion of emotional wellness around a tender and vulnerable heart. Creating a warm well of supportive emotions from which to draw from in a time of need.

Enjoy being nourished…Drink deep…Emerge transformed.

Take pleasure in feeling safe in your safe bubble, knowing you are benefiting your parenting journey for a lifetime.

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