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Looking for someone who understands? Who has been there before?
Hi, I'm Carol Burroughs a mother of 8 children, (1 husband!). My passion is not to inspire you to have 8 as well, (unless you want to!), but to be a living testimony to mothers.
Restoring hope and offering relief. Providing a care plan tailored to You, Your baby and partner.

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Birth is not only about making babies.
Birth is about making mothers — strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.
Barbara Katz Rothman

Carol Burroughs

Certified Doula (DONA)

My passion in life is to help women and their partners to experience pregnancy, birth and those first days of babyhood in a positive, empowered and nurturing way. As a qualified doula (a non-medical person who provides emotional and physical support and practical help and advice to parents-to-be), I can help you have a birthing experience you can treasure. 

Having birthed eight children of my own (one induced birth, one water birth, one home birth and several natural hospital births) I have extensive personal experience in childbirth!

I became a certified doula in early 2017 and have completed further training in breastfeeding support, perinatal mental health and holistic support therapies. I am always looking for further opportunities to learn about how I can support my clients and their partners.

I love what I do and regard supporting you and your partner during this very special time in your lives as a privilege to be honoured.

Living my passion - so you can live yours!


Personal Doula

As your doula I offer emotional and practical support for your pregnancy, throughout your labour, and during the first days of your baby's life.

We get to know each other by making time to talk so you can share your thoughts, hopes, dreams and anxieties about your upcoming birth.

Many of my clients are mums opting for natural, water and home birth for a holistic experience with faster recovery.

I can help facilitate a smoother, more effective labour and provide reassurance with encouragement to partners.

Birthing With Passion Classess
Birthing With Passion Classess
Birthing With Passion Classess

Want a natural birth and want to know how to prepare your mind and body for one?

Feel empowered, prepared and supported to create the personal birthing experience that you seek. 

Postpartum Support

Feeling engulfed by washing...'s...siblings...
and "information overload?

I can help to restore hope,

offer relief so that you can do motherhood YOUR way.

TENS Machine Hire

pain relief

A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit can naturally help reduce your pain during labour and childbirth by stimulating your body to produce ‘feel good’, and natural pain-killing hormones (endorphins).


Portable and non-invasive, it allows you to stay mobile during labour and totally in control of your pain relief. There are no lasting side-effects so is safe to use for both yourself and your baby.

Hireage is for four weeks (pick up two weeks before your due date and return two weeks after)

Cost: $50 plus $30 refundable bond.
Additional week at $15.
Ask me if you would like to purchase one.

(additional pads: $20)


“Carol's gentle, calm manner allows participants to very quickly relax and enjoy her Birthing With Passion sessions.  Carol teaches evidence-based information but also balances the discussion with traditional approaches for those that want to look beyond mainstream modern medicine. Her sessions sit well alongside traditional childbirth classes and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to expectant couples.”

Andrea Tait -  New Plymouth Childbirth Educator

“This is just to thank you for all your support and guidance throughout our journey. I could not have asked for a more incredible birth story. Thank you for being our doula or birthing companion. You are an angel to us and we are so thankful to have you in our lives.”

Brittany Ryan

“I really enjoyed the class and learnt so much. Very informative and would love to go to another! I’m looking forward to birth because you gave so much great info, props and exercises to use during labour.”

Anna Singh

"After experiencing a traumatic birth with my second child, I was full of anxiety about giving birth to my third baby. Carol from Freedom Births was amazing at calming my fears and helping install excitement back in me. Carol’s ‘Birthing with Passion’ class was highly informative, from learning about the roles hormones play in our body through role play to fantastic tips and tricks that help make the birthing process more enjoyable. Carol has a beautiful, calming manner and is extremely knowledgeable in all she does. I thoroughly recommend Carol’s services to all pregnant women and their birthing partners."

Dianna Smith

Inspirational quotes

“Birth is not an isolated medical event. It is an integral part of who you are”

Carol Burroughs ~ Your Taranaki Doula

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